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    Bringing Two Different Worlds Together

    This stop motion video actually tells this couple’s love story quite well, using an iPad and iPhone to show that they are worlds apart and how they were brought together. Renatus testified that this was no walk in the park; it took them a lot more time to plan than a regular video would, but it definitely was a fun experience. XIN HUI & JOEL {Singapore} Stop Motion and Editing by Renatus

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    Website www.renatus.com.sg / Facebook Renatus Photography | Cinematography / Instagram @renatus.com.sg / Email melvin.cho[at]renatus.com.sg / Contact Number +65 9111 5100 / Address 71A Sultan Gate, Singapore 198496 Renatus is from the Latin root word “Natus”, which means “born again”. A team that looks at things from different perspectives, builds fresh concepts and delivers new ideas, Renatus recognises how blessed they are to be given the chance to share in the happiest day of people’s lives, and it motivates them to give their best, wholeheartedly and with the greatest dedication. >