• Rime Arodaky 2020 Bridal Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Rime Arodaky 2020 Bridal Collection

    Experience the best of Rime Arodaky’s 2020 bridal collection at The Mews Bridal, specialists in beautiful French bridal couture. Led by mother and daughter team Gail and Lauren, The Mews Bridal exclusively stocks sought-after Parisian designers such as Rime Arodaky, ensuring unique and effortlessly beautiful bridal designs every time. For this 2020 collection, expect sleek silhouettes, trendy oversized details, and perhaps a puffy, cloud-shaped sleeve or two. Inspired by the 80s and 90s, it’s a collection for the fashion forward bride indeed, with its bold yet chic designs that will surely stand the test of time.

  • Rime Arodaky 2019 Bridal Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Rime Arodaky 2019 Bridal Collection

    Movement is the start of everything around us, and through movement, we are able to express ourselves. Rime Arodaky’s 2019 bridal collection, aptly titled ‘Till Dance Do Us Part’, is an exploration of the depths and effects of movement, especially within the context of two lovers. The results are bold, passionate and sexy, guaranteed to turn heads.

  • Rime Arodaky 2018 Honeymoon Collection - Greg Finck. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Rime Arodaky Honeymoon Collection

    Take your honeymoon to the next level with Rime Arodaky’s Honeymoon Collection. Following up on her bridal, rehearsal and bridesmaids’ offerings, the Parisian designer has launched a 16-piece capsule collection that every blushing bride would be lucky to have! Comprising swimwear, dresses, separates, kaftans and lingerie – all in white, of course – the collection is feminine, sensual and breezy, just what you need for your honeymoon.

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    Intimate Bridal Portraits on Film Photography Amid Lush Greenery in Adelaide

    The bride emanated attitude in a long sleeved bridal dress and black oxfords, while the groom was swanky in his blue grey suit – together, this couple took their simple engagement photography session to some of the classic spots around Adelaide, South Australia, to create the memories of a lifetime. With two wedding receptions to prepare for – one in Australia and one in China – the blissfully in love pair took the opportunity to enjoy some downtime, snuggling close for the camera. Thanks for these beautiful pictures, Ben Yew Photography! “The couple, who is based in Adelaide, invited me to capture their wedding day, as well as the day…

  • Civil – Rime Arodaky 2018 RTW Rehearsal Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Rime Arodaky 2018 RTW Rehearsal Collection

    Bringing affordable designer bridalwear to blushing brides all around the world, Rime Arodaky’s 2018 Ready to Wear Rehearsal Collection is the answer to your wedding needs. Ideal for your wedding day, brunch or rehearsal dinner, these gorgeous gowns certainly embody the label’s cool-girl style without compromising on elegance and quality. What’s not to love?

  • Rory - Rime Arodaky 2018 Civil Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Rime Arodaky 2018 Civil Collection

    There’s more to being a bride than just preparing for your wedding day. For many, an engagement party is the beginning of a series of bridal events, which brings us to the question: what will you wear? With engagement season officially upon us, Rime Arodaky has all you brides-to-be covered. The 2018 Civil Collection highlights the designer’s signature Rock ’n’ Roll meets boho style, and is perfect for engagement parties and bridal portraits. Even better, you can click through the label’s e-Showroom from the comfort of your couch. Retailing between $685 and $1500, Rime Arodaky’s latest is now available on www.rime-arodaky.com.

  • Rime Arodaky 2018 Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Rime Arodaky 2018 Bridal Collection

    Showcasing her signature rock ’n’ roll style, the Rime Arodaky 2018 bridal collection is a mix of dresses and separates that embody the “French rebel” mantra. Inspired by rock ’n’ roll music no less, the designer’s latest creations are all about pushing limits, breaking free from rules, and embracing the free spirit within.

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    Rime Arodaky 2017 RTW Rehearsal Collection

    Need something for your wedding day, brunch or rehearsal dinner? Parisian bridal designer Rime Arodaky recently launched a ready to wear rehearsal collection in her signature rock ’n’ roll yet sophisticated style, and which includes a Baby Rime capsule collection that is just perfect for those little ones in our lives. The undeniably elegant collection of dresses and jumpsuits offers the same high quality design and execution that brides have come to expect from Rime Arodaky, only with a more casual feel. As Arodaky explained: “We wanted to accompany each and every bride-to-be, not only during her wedding day, but also throughout the whole experience. We’ve imagined pieces for the…

  • Rime Arodaky Fall 2017 Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Rime Arodaky Fall 2017 Collection

    Featuring chic separates, cutout details and quirky floral embellishments, rising designer Rime Arodaky’s Fall 2017 collection sought to capture what an unconventional bride would love, and it is perfect and so beautiful. Think disheveled hair, no bouquet, walking down the aisle barefoot… the Rime Arodaky bride is rock ‘n’ roll yet sophisticated, mixing French savoir faire with top notch quality. To that aim, the label uses only the best Italian and French textiles from local suppliers, and all their dresses are made in France.

  • Photo by Andrew Leiner. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Breathtaking Intimate Wedding in the Alps

    Everything about this wedding was picture perfect: from the breathtaking backdrop of the Austrian Alps to the spontaneous fun this couple had with their close friends and family. Love was clearly in the air – between the bride and groom and the outpouring emotions from their friends and family. Keeping their wedding intimate and close to their heart, the bride had two wedding dresses – one of which was made by her best friend, and choosing to pair it with a leather jacket made it even more glamourous. It was truly a celebration of love, beautifully captured by Everly Pictures.