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    Artistic and Nostalgic Wedding Portraits in Hong Kong

    We love the artistry in this wedding portrait album. There’s something romantic about nostalgic wedding portraits with that film noir-esque feel, the sort we might see in our grandparents’ photo albums. Many thanks to Samuel Goh Photography for these splendid shots. For Hui Jin and Shiu Yuen, the effort they put into their shoot was worth it. Their wedding portraits were shot in several locations in Hong Kong, including a rooftop in Sham Shui Po, Oi Man Village, the High Island Reservoir East Dam, Montane Mansion and Parkes Street. Simply gorgeous!

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    An Eco-conscious Wedding At Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church, Singapore

    Is it any surprise that this couple’s socially responsible wedding was clever, fun and well received by family and friends? Ashley and Jarrod wanted a wedding that was socially conscious and that had a low environmental impact wherever possible. Instead of using fresh flowers, their florist came up with the brilliant idea of using dried flowers and opening up a herb bar where the flowers/herbs could be wrapped in a bouquet for guests to bring home as wedding favours. With the help of Ashley’s father, they also created a backdrop of recycled wooden pallets that was used for both the ceremony and the lunch reception in the church. Everyone was…

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine October 2017 – Issue 20

    One of our favourite things about the weddings that we’ve seen this year is the way couples are breaking away from cookie cutter celebrations. Brides no longer look for only that which is beautiful, but they are beginning to find ways to infuse their personalities into their weddings and focus on what truly matters. Many are also choosing to make their big day a lighthearted affair and all about the people that they love. In this issue, you will see that our weddings have a “something different” section that shows how couples stepped away from convention. And check out the couple who drove around New Zealand in a motorvan for…

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    A Warm, Earthy Garden Wedding At Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

    We love it when we see a couple’s nuptials reflect their personality, and for Jason and Constance, their wedding showed their deep love for each other, their down-to-earth personalities and the joy they wanted to share with their loved ones. The bride knew that she wasn’t a traditional ‘girly’ bride and chose to don a two-piece with oxfords instead of the usual bridal gown and heels. We think she looks fantastic! Thanks to Samuel Goh Photography for capturing these special moments.

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine January 2016 – Issue 13

    In this issue we look at weddings with different “personalities”, from minimalist and bohemian to chic and oriental. Gone are the days of cookie cutter nuptials; today’s DIY bridal couples are showing off their individuality with confidence. Like a piece of art, their weddings are the expression of their passions, dreams and style. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    Bohemian Bash

    With the unpredictable weather in Singapore, Nosh is a brilliant space – open-air yet sheltered just in case the weather decides to be less kind. Even in such a simple dress, Katrina looked absolutely beautiful. It’s nice to see such a light-hearted ceremony and reception. To illustrate their happy and fun nature, as well as their love for the reality show Survivor, the couple customised shot glasses with the words “I survived Isaac and Katrina’s wedding” for their guests. We’re really glad Samuel Goh shared this beautiful bohemian wedding with us. Tips from the bride: “Time and the Internet are your best friends. If you take the time and effort…

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine January 2014 – issue 05

    Featuring the year’s hot-favourite 1920’s, Gatsby-inspired theme, plus a couple of quirky, indie nuptials thrown in for good measure. Also, go inside the minds of the photographers behind some of the most creative bridal portraits of late. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    Samuel Goh Photography

    Website www.samuelgoh.com / Facebook Samuel Goh, Photographer / Instagram @samuelgoh / Email hello[at]samuelgoh.com / Contact Number +65 9868 5836 / Based in Perth and Singapore Samuel Goh is a fine art portrait and wedding photographer who focuses on an honest storytelling of the relationships he photographs. In the short amount of time that he spends with each couple, Samuel encourages them to have fun yet remember the reasons why they fell in love in the first place. While each couple’s story is often too great to tell through a single photoshoot, he hopes to at least capture a fraction of it through those split seconds frozen in time. Hopefully, those…