• Photo by Trees On The Moon. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    An Unconventional Rustic and Black Wedding at Sekeping Jugra

    When life as we knew it stopped for so many of us in lockdown, those who had planned to get married during this time were met with uncertainty – to postpone or cancel all together? And if they postponed their wedding, until when? For this couple, as soon as the Malaysian government gave the green light, everything was quickly put in motion for a cosy, intimate wedding. No matter that it wasn’t the big soiree that they had originally intended, the most important people were there and that was all that mattered. Many thanks to Trees On The Moon for capturing this beautiful wedding.

  • Photo by Snapbythree'. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Love Stories,  Rustic

    A Lush, Cosy Wedding with a Pop of Pink at Awesome Canteen @ Sekeping Victoria, Penang

    Keeping the theme neutral with green, white and gold, the newlyweds found other ways to make small elements of their wedding really pop, like that dash of bright pink that served as both wedding aisle and backdrop! With a Bible verse about love printed on, it was definitely eyecatching, and framed the couple beautifully as they said “I do”. The bride’s choice of bridal dress was relaxed and chic, and the venue, which was filled with the couple’s nearest and dearest, ensured that it was a ceremony befitting the newlyweds’ love for each other. Thanks, Snap by Three, for these photos and What A Bash, for the beautiful styling!

  • Photo by Arch and Vow Studio. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Mint Green And Peach, Vintage DIY Church Wedding

    We’re loving this wedding colour palette of mint green and peach with hints of blush pink and gold, all brought together beautifully with twine, wooden décor elements and simple vintage pieces. It’s hard to believe that most of the décor was DIY, and it’s clear that the bride and groom’s families make the perfect team! We especially love the added touch of the vintage gold Fiat 500 as the bride and groom’s wedding car. Many thanks to Arch & Vow Studio for capturing all the lovely moments of this special day.

  • Photo by Louis Loo Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Blue Rustic Wedding In Sekeping Victoria, Penang

    Ranging from baby blue to cobalt, the many shades of blue were the perfect colour palette for this intimate rustic themed wedding. Touches of blue were found in the bride’s bouquet and baby’s breath decorations, which complemented the wooden decorative elements such as tree trunk wood carvings, long wooden dining tables and twine. The bride looked absolutely resplendent in her gown, flanked by her bridesmaids all in light blue (but each in a dress matching their own style), while the groom was handsome in his deep navy suit and surrounded by his groomsmen all in their own dapper attire. Many thanks to Louis Loo Photography for capturing this sweet set…

  • Photo by Shanghwan Celestial Gallery. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Where There Is Love, There Is Life

    A marriage between two people grows with the life they build together, and that includes the intimate moments that no one else gets to witness – from waking up in the morning to starting their day and facing life together. This bride and groom applied this philosophy to their bridal portraits, in a traditional shoot as well as conceptualising a series of portraits that perfectly captured their emotions and intimate moments together. Many thanks to Shanghwan Celestial Gallery for this intimate peek into the life of this couple.

  • Photo by Hellojanelee Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Colourful Gatecrashing Ceremony At Sekeping Seapark

    This couple infused their incredibly sweet wedding with their own style and pulled it off with the help of friends and family – from the decorations and calligraphy aisle to the wedding cake and catering. The pops of bright yellow against the clean white and green hues were perfectly accentuated by the tinges of gold. Not forgetting the little details such as the cute patterns, quirky notes, moustache boutonnières and colourful socks. All of it was made complete by the radiant smiles of the happy couple and their guests. Thanks to hellojanelee for this beautiful set of photos!

  • Photo by Daren Chong Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Retro Chic Bridal Portraits

    We have a soft spot for creative bridal portraits that so clearly display the personality of the bride and groom, as well as their relationship with each other. This set of photos from Daren Chong Photography is no exception – it’s classic and elegant yet fun and quirky, just like the couple! While the groom is described as artistic and moody, the bride is described as fun and quirky. Put them together against any backdrop, be it industrial, rustic or Mother Nature, and the dynamics of their relationship shine through. Whether it’s their black and white portraits by the beach or the rustic elegant shoot with exposed brick walls, what’s…

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    A Date At Publika

    We love Publika – the space, colours and shops are just so inviting. And One Way Ticket captured some of our favourite spots in this set of photos, which also has some vintage goodness from Sekeping Tenggiri thrown into the mix.

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    Organised Chaos

    There’s beauty in these old buildings and shops; the cluttered, block lettered signboards with old tiles and untidy wires across the ceiling don’t bother us. Instead we find comfort in the familiarity as it brings back sweet memories from our childhood. Thanks, Ndrew, for bringing us down memory lane. The colour and mood were just right, and we love it!

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    The Little Red Dress

    One thing Alex is good at is framing and making very ordinary places dramatic. This set of photos is simply amazing in how the simple little red dress makes the couple stand out. Malaysia is filled with locations like this – great sets all ready for the camera. As usual, Sekeping Victoria is perfect for bridal portraits. SU MEI & CHOK {Malaysia} Photography by Alextan Artworks / Location Sekeping Victoria, Penang

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    Wall-E Falls For Eve

    Aii and Sherman chose the equally adorable WALL-E and Eve from the Pixar animated film as a symbol of their love. Unlike other robots, those two exhibit free will and emotions that are similar to humans. The couple also chose Sekeping Victoria, which has a similar eco-friendly theme, for the photoshoot. AII & SHERMAN {Malaysia} Photography by U Wang Studio / Location Sekeping Victoria, Penang

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    The Paper Gown

    The very first paper dress was created by the Scott Paper Company in 1966 as a promotional tool. Since then, many have attempted the paper gown, including fashion designers Isaac Mizrahi, Hallie Erdahl and Gary Harvey, who all made stunning versions of it. This isn’t Avex’s first paper bridal gown attempt; he did a similar project in 2010. Besides it being environmentally friendly, he loves the newspaper gown because it can be easily styled. When seen from afar, it exudes a nostalgic feel. We wouldn’t suggest you try wearing this for your actual wedding day. But this is surely something you can explore for your bridal portrait session. To us,…