• Photo by Iluminen Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Winter Photoshoot in Kanazawa and Shirakawa-go

    The howling winds had come and gone, leaving behind a picturesque landscape of white hills and snow-capped houses in Shirakawa-go, Japan. Reflecting their love for the outdoors, this adventurous couple took their pre-wedding shoot to the Miyagama River and the Higashi Chaya-gai, with breathtaking views of the old Japanese cityscape. “I’d describe it as majestic,” said the photographer, Iluminen, who enjoyed this trip as much as the couple did. “Even though this was our second trip to Japan, it was special because it was our first time visiting the artsy city of Kanazawa together, as well as the snow-capped village of Shirakawa-go. We decided to end that first night in…