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    Celebrating Love At Klebang Sand Dunes, Melaka

    We’re totally digging this bride-to-be’s gorgeous pre-wedding shots of her in her flight attendant uniform, which also tells of her proudest achievements as she looks forward to an exciting future with her man. Making the album extra special is the fact that the photos were taken in Malacca, where she grew up, while the tennis shoot is a nod to the couple’s shared love for the sport. Great shots, Bitesize Visuals! Brides who relate, here’s Su Lynn’s wedding planning philosophy: “Don’t get all caught up in planning and stressing out for the big day, although it can be easier said than done.”

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    Sweet And Whimsical DIY Décor Bridal Portraits

    Bridal portraits often double as an announcement to let your friends and family know that you’re going to soon tie the knot, as well as an introduction to who you are as a couple. We love how Grace and Kenny had their bridal portraits done at home – no rules and at no cost! With the added chance to repurpose their décor items at their wedding, they went sweet with desserts and paper flowers, and whimsy and random with their fencing gear, all tied together with fresh flowers, wooden decorative elements, and so much joy and laughter. Thanks to hellojanelee for these incredibly sweet bridal portraits.

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    World Cup 2014 PSA

    Photo by Raymond Phang Photography Dear Wife-to-be, The 2014 FIFA World Cup will run from 13 June to 14 July. Here are the ground rules to ensure a happy relationship during this period, and in our future as husband and wife: #01 The TV belongs to me for the entire duration of the World Cup. That means no Korean dramas and TV serials. Highlights, post-match analysis and repeats are just as important as the ‘LIVE’ matches. #02 All wedding planning agendas/discussions will be on hold during this period UNLESS our wedding involves football or our honeymoon is to be in a football mecca. #03 You shall inform the wedding photographer…

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    Sports-Themed Wedding

    A lil’ something different for the sports junkies: 01 CLOT x Nike Tennis Classic AC TZ Museum Edition sneakers Each pair has been hand-buffed to create a worn-in effect. Selected pairs were also chosen by the team to be further enhanced by hand, making each of them one-of-a-kind. If men’s dress shoes aren’t really your thing, you don’t want to wear just any pair of sneakers for your big day. Use your wedding as an excuse to add another pair of special edition shoes to your collection. Brides, you can also opt for a pair of red or gold sneakers that will contrast nicely against your white gown. 02 One…

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    Underwater Photography

    Rafal Makiela a professional underwater photographer, involved in advertising, fashion and artistic wedding photography. He is from Wroclaw in Poland. His photography journey began eight years ago, sparked by the birth of his daughter Maksymilianna. The desire to capture and immortalise every day of her life led to his interest in photography, and it became his passion. Slowly, Rafal learned, following in the footsteps of the best photographers, and practicing constantly. One day, he came across photographs by Zena Holloway, and decided that he wanted to accomplish the spectacular with his pictures, like she does. This is a set of photos he recently took. To divers out there, we say,…

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    Honeymoon Planning For The Football Fanatic

    After your wedding day, most of you would probably want to just kick off your shoes and relax for a few days by the beach with a glass of champagne in your hand. But what if those things don’t satisfy you the way watching a football match does? Why not plan a honeymoon around watching your favourite football club in action, like Faith and Collin did, or attending a sporting event like the FIFA World Cup? To those of you who know nothing about football, think about it – 90 minutes of your time in exchange for the opportunity to do some shopping in Europe sounds like a good deal,…

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    Honeymoon At Old Trafford And Anfield

    For once, it is not a case of Manchester United vs. Liverpool FC. As a sign of their union, Faith and Collin decided to support each other’s teams for one day. Believe us – to hardcore fans, that is a very big deal. “About two to three months before our wedding, we decided that our honeymoon was important,” Faith told us. “Europe is our dream honeymoon destination, and we wanted to end our trip in the United Kingdom, where we could watch our favourite Barclays Premier League teams play – Manchester United and Liverpool FC. Not against each other, though, in case we fight. “So my hubby-to-be researched the dates…

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    Storytelling, The Stylish Way

    Azlan Iskandar, one of Malaysia’s world-class squash athletes, wed Ung Yiu Lin, founder of Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, and Klutched at the end of last year. We are so proud to feature this video by Shiroku Production, especially because our creative director Chaiyen and our designer Wee-Mei were commissioned to help create it. The video tells the story of how the couple met. They didn’t want a typical sweet, lovey-dovey video. It doesn’t represent them very well, and they wanted a slightly dark, fantasy feel. So they went with a Tim Burton-esque style. Believe us, Wee-Mei went to a lot of effort to illustrate all these graphics. And even though we…

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    For Better Or For Worse

    This photoshoot wins brownie points because QL is a Manchester United fan. Inspired by them, we’re going to feature a whole week of sports-themed weddings. Read their full story here.   Briefly: QL promised his wife he would never bring friends over to watch football because of the mess that they always leave behind. So one day, he and a friend decided to skip work to watch the replay of a big match during the day, while his wife Sharon was at work. It was a Manchester United vs. Chelsea game, and as you can see from this photoshoot, it was a very stressful 90 or more minutes. The nerves…