• Photo by Punyan Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    White On White With A Hint Of Gold At Ungasan Clifftop Uluwatu

    It was the high point of their lives, a splendid day filled with joy and thankfulness as the couple prepared to transition from courtship to marriage. The camaraderie and laughter, the happy tears, the pride on the parents’ faces, the elation of being pronounced “man and wife” – all these and more were part of this dignified celebration at Ungasan Clifftop Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia. Cheers to the beginning of a new chapter, and many thanks to Punyan Photography for these meaningful captures!

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    A Romantic Pink Wedding at Ferguson Valley, WA

    Traditionally, the groom would have his brothers and/or best guy friends and the bride would have her sisters and/or best girlfriends for their respective wedding parties. But whoever said that the bride’s best friend couldn’t be a guy and vice versa? Bridesman, man of honour, groomsmaid or best lady – call them what you will, the bottom line is that on one of the most significant days of your life, you want your closest and dearest standing next to you as you say ‘I do’. Keeping the wedding minimal and theme-less, without any accented colours, this bride had all her bridesmaids (including a guy!) dress in dusty pink. What a…

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    Whimsical Celebration

    To be honest, when we first stumbled upon this set of photos, we didn’t realise that it was a wedding in Singapore. The flowers and colours used were so rare. The photography style of Ivan Tan definitely did its magic too – the images and emotions look so effortless yet real. It’s not often we get to see an Asian bridal couple actually relax and enjoy their wedding. We like it when the couple is involved in the décor because it seems as if their wedding is their first special project together. From the round green and purple paper lanterns, origami cranes and crepe paper flowers, to the pretty centerpieces,…