• Photo by Steven Cheah Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Enchanted Woodland Bridal Portraits

    There’s something calming yet dramatic about waterfalls; pair that with a scenic sunset and it was a picture perfect setting for this couple’s romantic bridal portraits. Exploring Lesmurdie Falls in Perth, Western Australia, Jael and Tom went on a dreamy adventure surrounded by nature. Many thanks to Steven Cheah Photography for these bridal portraits.

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    Steven Cheah Photography

    Website www.stevencheahphotography.com / Facebook Steven Cheah Photography / Instagram @stevencheahphotography / Twitter @stevecheahphoto / Email steve[at]stevencheahphotography.com / Contact Number +61 411 777 751 / Based in Perth Steven Cheah Photography aims to capture all the important moments that tell a much larger story. He wants couples to remember how they felt in those particular moments of their lives, and so he seeks to define and express their love in new ways through emotion, sincerity and a little artistic creativity. >