• Photo by Twins Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Marvel-lous Bridal Portraits For This Superhero and His Missus

    From the city streets of Kuala Lumpur to the flowing waters of Kanching Waterfall, these lovebirds captured their love against two very different, but equally scenic, backdrops. The best part is that their personalities also came through in all forms – both individually and as a couple. It’s obvious that they are deeply in love with each other, while also being each other’s best friend. What a refreshing and lovely set of bridal portraits, thanks to Twins Photography!

  • Photo by Hellojanelee. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Dusty Blue And Gold DIY Wedding At Tanarimba Janda Baik

    High ceilings and wooden decorative elements make for a perfect rustic vintage wedding, what more if some of the wooden details were actually crafted by the groom himself? This couple chose to personalise their wedding in a very special way, and complementing their wooden décor was a gorgeous colour palette of dusty blue and soft pastel pink, all brought together with touches of gold. Many thanks to hellojanelee Photography for capturing these wonderful moments – from the joy and laughter right down to the amazing décor! Don’t forget to play the beautiful video from Motion in Style.

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    Wild At Heart

    Catwoman might never meet Iron Man in the comic books but we can do anything we want in bridal portraits. Angela looks kind of wild (and hot!) in this set of photos. It is nice when couples choose to be themselves as it makes the photos a lot livelier. On another note, we would seriously like to visit Chris Ling’s studio one day. It looks amazing. ANGELA & GARY {Singapore} Photography by Chris Ling International Photographers

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    Fearless Photo Album

    Boof! Pow! Wham! This is so much fun. Why would guests need to see your photo album again if the photos are the same as on your slideshow, unless of course you have a cool story to tell? This is certainly not for every occasion but somehow this wedding is able to adapt this concept perfectly. We Do Photography & Design: “At the 2012 NZIPP Iris Awards, we were looking to submit something a little different. A little unique. A little more rock ‘n’ roll than a traditional wedding album. The idea of a comic book came to me, and using Amanda & Geoff’s Wellington wedding, I managed to craft…

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    Vintage Superheroes

    Megan: “Yes, you read that right. S-U-P-E-R-H-E-R-O-E-S. Like the larger-than-life-muscles-galore figures who graced the pages of our Marvel comic books when we were kids. They conquered the world and the many challenges life threw in their direction – much like Tom and me. “An ocean and 4,000 miles separated us for 18 months as I pursued my dream to live and work overseas in Prague, Czech Republic, while Tom continued to work on his dream as an MD/PhD student tracking towards a career in transplant surgery in Minneapolis. Worlds apart, but connected by the fervour of young lovers who shared hundreds of love letters, we made a commitment to conquer…

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    Superheroes Living Ordinary Lives In Hong Kong

    Throughout our search for superhero-themed weddings, we found lots of interesting things on the web. But photographer Chow Kar Hoo’s ‘Heroes Next Door’ Series of superheroes photos living ordinary lives in Hong Kong stood out the most. Since his childhood, Chow has been influenced by Marvel and DC comics and superhero movies. As an artist, he realised the genre was more than just about defeating villains or keeping world peace. Every superhero also embodies the spirit of humanity, in that they, too, have to deal with hopes, dreams, fears, frustrations and other facets of human nature. In his series of photos, Chow invited a group of superheroes to unveil the…

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    Superhero Ball

    Somehow, Alex and James’ story feels like the picture that we have always wanted to paint for soon-to-wed couples. Celebrate each other, be yourself and have loads of fun. We don’t know what brought them together but they are truly perfect for each other. They put aside the traditions of a typical wedding, choosing instead to walk a new and narrow path in their Converse sneakers, and celebrating their nuptials as a day for themselves. They both love superheroes, playing games and doing crazy things together. So they built their wedding around that theme. The New Children Museum in San Diego was the perfect venue. The main colours that anchored…

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    Superhero-Themed Wedding Details

    Who says big boys can’t have fun on their big day? Here are some treats from Etsy that you can add to your superhero-themed wedding, as long as you use them sparingly. Please don’t overdo it! Also, you may want to spare your grandparents and elderly relatives these details by splitting up your celebrations into family and friends. 1 cupcake toppers / 2 boutonniere / 3 Avengers high heels / 4 Spider-man LEGO cufflinks / 5 Batman and Robin LEGO cufflinks / 6 Captain America cufflinks / 7 comic book ‘POW’ 3D stand / 8 Fantastic Four cufflinks {Check out the rest of the superhero-themed weddings here}

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    Comic Fans

    As an avid fan of comics, illustrations, games and design, Lenny even has a special room dedicated to his passion. After getting their pre-wedding photos done, they decided to rope in Funky Dali to help conceptualise their wedding day. And what did Funky Dali propose? A superhero theme! Everything from the décor to the wedding invites was based on that theme. The wedding was a very private occasion that only the closest friends and family witnessed, and although some of the guests were not surprised by the idea, they were stunned nevertheless to see Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper walk into the room. SIAO LING & LENNY {Malaysia} Photography…