• Photo by Kiss Me in Paris. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Surprise Romantic Proposal in Paris

    After six years together, you’d think these high school sweethearts might find it difficult to keep a secret from each other. Much to Dasha’s great surprise, Shil bought a ring, planned a holiday, and even got their loved ones to Paris so he could pop the question! From the costume changes – that yellow dress and blue suit channelling serious ‘Beauty and the Beast’ vibes – to the sights of romantic Paris, these bridal portraits are an absolute dream. Many thanks to Cengiz Ozelsel from Kiss in Paris Photography for these postcard-perfect shots! Dasha: “Shil popped the question during sunrise at the Trocadéro in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower as…

  • Photo by Wattle and Lace Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Classic And Sleek Surprise Wedding in Sydney

    We love how this couple managed to pull off a surprise wedding! They told their guests that they would be surprising the groom for his 30th birthday, only to turn the tables on them! The theme of black, white and silver was elegant and classic without giving anything away, and the bridal couple actually styled everything on their own – waking up early to do everything on their wedding day before heading back to the hotel to get ready together. Many thanks to Wattle & Lace for capturing these joyous moments.

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    Surprise Underwater Wedding Proposal At Mataking

    Those who scuba dive frequently say that the underwater world is a realm of its own. They love the quietness and that space that allows them to leave behind the worries of the world just for a moment. We’re sure you’ve heard of an underwater proposal, but those of you who haven’t actually seen one before must be wondering how the guy avoids losing that very small, very pricey rock in the ocean, and how the girl even says ‘yes’. This video is your answer. WEI WEI & STUTU {Malaysia} Location The Reef Dive Resort, Mataking Island, Sabah

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    A Wedding Ceremony At Intercontinental Singapore

    Multifolds posted this wedding invitation many months back and it has definitely left an impression. Our expectations for the wedding were high and we are so glad it did not disappoint. It even had its own twists and fun, including “missing wedding rings”! Sometimes we can’t help but feel that weddings have become over-commercialised and have lost their meaning, but couples like Jeri and Bern remind us that there’s still hope. This couple carefully designed, printed and folded each of their invitations, and their wedding favours were so thoughtful we’re sure their guests felt their sincerity and love. One of their most memorable moments came when the couple pretended during…

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    Surprise… We’re Married!

    “As I arrived for Amy and Mark’s wedding, I was like a little child who knew a secret but was sworn to secrecy – bursting with excitement. They were holding their long overdue engagement party in their parents’ backyard, but had revealed to me earlier that they were actually going to surprise everyone and get married,” photographer Jonathan Ong recalled. The bride wore her mother’s 30-year-old wedding dress with a pink floral hairpiece from Alannah Hill. She, with the help of some very good vendors, had transformed the backyard into a “recycled” and rustic-looking venue, complete with wooden furniture, wine barrels and vintage crates. Warm-toned spring flowers like gerberas, roses,…