• Photography by The Royal Workshop Japan. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Winter Passion In Nagano City, Japan

    Like the changing seasons, a relationship adjusts and transitions in preparation for what is to come. As this couple commits to a lifetime together, their union is symbolised by the snow-capped woodlands that weather the winters of life and delight in the dawn of spring. For an off–the-beaten-track portrait experience, Daniel of The Royal Workshop Japan led this couple through the icy paths of Nagano City, a popular temple town in the Land of the Rising Sun. We are transfixed by the passion and depth in these photos. Astounding masterpieces, Daniel! In spite of the biting cold, the couple followed through on the concept to explore uncharted lands together and…

  • Photo by The Royalworkshop. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Glimpse Of A Japanese Wedding

    One of our favourite parts of the job is exploring different types of weddings in Asia. We especially love the rich culture found in Japanese weddings, which are normally more formal than what we might be used to. That wasn’t the case for this wedding, which was held outdoor, and filled with colour and loads of laughter without missing out on the usual customs. Thanks, Daniel, for sharing this with us. Daniel of The Royal Workshop Japan: “Personally, it was one of the most memorable weddings of 2014, as the wedding was held at a camping spot (near the 5th base of Mt Fuji) in the midst of a typhoon…

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    The Royal Workshop Japan

    Website www.theroyalworkshopjp.com / Facebook The Royal Workshop Japan / Instagram @theroyalworkshopjp / Email theroyalworkshopjp[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +81 90 5441 6501 / Based in Japan Despite the changing trends and the current digital age of photography, there is still a small group of people who prefer to document weddings in the traditional film format that very much represents the real beauty of the pictures they grew up with. Inspired from working and studying under his mentor, Brian Ho of thegaleria, Daniel Yeoh of The Royal Workshop Japan wants his clients to be able to have access to exotic places that have not yet been explored. And being based in Japan,…