• Photo by The Galeria. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Classic Noir Wedding Portraits at Chinatown

    The beauty of wedding portraits is that any location can serve as a backdrop to your story, and with an experienced photographer behind the lens, your experience will be complete. In this wedding portrait album, an adventurous and artistic couple explore Chinatown Singapore, discovering some very vintage-esque and quirky spots. Thanks again thegaleria, for reminding us of the beauty of film when done right! Wearing spunky red kicks with their wedding attire, and traditional outfits to contrast the city’s raw and iconic cityscape, this album is testament to the couple’s bold sense of fun and adventure, and will serve as a good reminder of the dreams they are building as…

  • Photo by thegaleria. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Quintessentially Hong Kong

    Inspired by the Hong Kong movie ‘Almost a Love Story’, these bridal portraits featured the old world charm of Hong Kong as the perfect backdrop. As the couple is from Singapore, they used their bridal portrait session as an opportunity to inject a sense of wonder and play into their shoot, while also discovering the little nooks and crannies of the city – from the narrow corridors and steps to the junk boat by the harbour. We love the exposed brick walls and art as well; many thanks to Brian Ho of thegaleria for this set!

  • Photo by thegaleria. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Gilded, Glamorous Wedding At Tanarimba, Janda Baik

    This juxtaposition of gold and gilded glamour against the lush greenery of nature certainly made for a comfortable yet elegant wedding. Despite the detailed décor, the couple kept things cosy and intimate, infusing much of their personality into their wedding. With simple décor points like white drapery and green vines looping the wedding arch, modern bridesmaids’ dresses, magical hanging lights, and elaborate, gorgeous centrepieces with hanging vines and beads, everything came together perfectly. Many thanks to Brian Ho of thegaleria for capturing this stunning set of photos. Charlotte: “It was really special to have my father walk beside me and give me away to the man I was about to…

  • Photo by thegaleria. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Garden,  Love Stories

    Destination Wedding At Rayavadee, Krabi

    It takes a woman of great character and confidence to put on such a simple dress for her wedding day. There’s a difference between “you look great” and “that’s a great dress”. The celebration was small enough to be personal, and more importantly, they didn’t run out of booze so everyone could party all night long. Another wedding fully photographed in film, Brian Ho of thegaleria did a cool job, so thanks!

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    When A Wedding Photographer Weds

    Have you ever wondered what photographers do for their own nuptials if all they see week in, week out are weddings? How do they make their weddings different so it doesn’t feel like just another event? Brian Ho of thegaleria recently tied the knot with Justine, a lawyer by day and second violinist of VOX by night. Brian is one of the pioneers of film photography in Singapore, and his wife Justine is also an avid film photographer with a mean collection of lomo cameras. They wanted their wedding to be a representation of what they love – film photography and handmade stuff. That’s how the idea of the “film…

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    What These Wedding Albums Tell Us About The Photographer

    We’re totally sold by these pretty albums, and even though it’s not always the case, it’s also not entirely shallow to think that good products always come with great packaging. These albums all contain three elements: 1) Personalised, handmade details; 2) The photographers use only the best quality materials; 3) Beautiful layouts (only possible when the client doesn’t insist on including too many photos). Read on to find out what you can learn from some of our favourite photographers’ album packaging. We find it hard to believe that photographers who put so much effort into their albums won’t do the same for your shoot. #01 James Simmons Photography, Perth That…

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine January 2014 – issue 05

    Featuring the year’s hot-favourite 1920’s, Gatsby-inspired theme, plus a couple of quirky, indie nuptials thrown in for good measure. Also, go inside the minds of the photographers behind some of the most creative bridal portraits of late. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    The Stallions

    Qabil is one of Malaysia’s top sporting icons and widely considered to be the best equestrian in the country. These bridal portraits were photographed at just one location – the couple’s sprawling private estate in Selangor. Jeana’s dresses are extremely gorgeous, and Brian Ho really gives us a reason to fall in love with film photography again. JEANA & QABIL {Malaysia} Art Direction and Photography by Brian Ho of thegaleria / Bridal Gown by Pronovias and Özlem Süer / Hair by Shaun Yap / Makeup by Sheng Saw / Location Selangor

  • Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Countryside Tranquility

    Film photography has been making a comeback of late, and if you are a fan you will like this set of bridal portraits that was taken in Nagano, Japan. This is thegaleria’s signature style but it is still the photographer, Brian, who has done an impressive job on his maiden trip to Nagano. Most of what you see is original, untouched-up photos, which makes them even more awesome. We are awed. XIN MEI & ESMOND {Japan} Art Direction and Photography by Brian Ho of thegaleria / Bridal Gown by Junko Yoshioka / Hair and Makeup by Maho Hamashima and Ayako Kurosawa / Groom’s Attire by Justmen’s / Location Scouting and…

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine July 2013 – issue 03

    This issue of The Wedding Notebook magazine features some of the most interesting weddings, vintage themed ideas, and much more! Read in-depth interviews with newlyweds and photographers, and pick up a tip or two from them. Don’t forget to also check out www.theweddingnotebook.com, where you’ll find more beautiful weddings and amazing ideas to inspire you for your big day. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    Website www.thegaleria.com / Facebook thegaleria / Instagram @thisisthegaleria / Twitter @thegaleria / Email info[at]thegaleria.com / Contact Number +65 9793 5980 With more than a decade of experience under his belt, film wedding photorapher Brian Ho is certainly no stranger to the world of wedding photojournalism. His unique blend of unscripted wedding photography is the cornerstone of his approach, resulting in images that are raw, real, and above all, true to the heart. As one of the few remaining photographers in this region who still shoot using old school analogue film, Brian’s black and white images are perhaps his most recognisable, and his work speaks for itself. In addition to being…