• Photo by Threebox Studio. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    The Lush Jungle And Sunny Beach Of Sabah

    From the lush rainforests and mountains to the glorious beaches and azure waters of the South China Sea, Sabah is undeniably beautiful – and these bridal portraits certainly captured that. The bride looked exceptionally gorgeous too, in the two-piece dress that she wore by the ocean and that dreamy gown in the jungle shots. Many thanks to Threebox Studio for this lovely set of photos!

  • Photo by Threebox Studio. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Shooting Rock Climbers

    Marriage is a little like rock climbing. You might not know the exact way up, but there will always be something for you to grab on to as you keep going. This couple decided to incorporate their favourite pastime into their bridal photoshoot, and Threebox Studio was on hand to carefully capture the day in photos. Threebox Studio: “Theresa and Jeremy first met during rock climbing, so we decided to shoot the first set of their bridal portraits outdoors. We put aside the wedding dress and just allowed the surrounding beauty to speak for itself. Theresa actually didn’t feel very well after the rock climbing because of the weather. Fortunately,…

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine July 2014 – issue 07

    This issue, we celebrate all things fashion, right down to the smallest details. From bridal trends and fashionable brides to styled shoots, you’ll love our many pages of beautiful outdoor weddings, including at a vineyard, in a stunning courtyard, and an al-fresco dining reception. Also featured are bridal portraits in Japan and a special section on picturesque Kyoto. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    In The Mood For Love

    We are extremely in love with this styled shoot. Great location matched with perfect lighting. Read more about the preparation and inspiration behind it in the magazine. Congratulations, Threebox Studio, on such a beautiful set of photos.

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    Threebox Studio

    Instagram @olga_threebox / Email 3boxworkshop[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +6012 258 2929 / Based in Kuala Lumpur With five years’ experience in advertising production, including for clients such as HSBC Vietnam and Astro, Threebox Studio promises an interesting interpretation on wedding photography and videography. Highly skilled and with a capability for special effects, they will definitely be able to deliver the kind of styled shoot atmosphere that you want. >