• Photo by Hellow Jane Lee. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Vintage Flavoured Engagement Shoot in Cameron Highlands

    Very often, we come across a set of images that leave us mesmerised by their raw beauty and the sheer simplicity of the intent behind it. This album is one of them. We love the way her crimson gown infuses life into the indoor and outdoor settings, and the couple’s enjoyment of the rolling hills of Cameron Highlands, Pahang. We love the little vintage shop sporting all things antique and classically Malaysian. Tastefully set up and shot, they are a superb addition to the photos. We smile at the couple’s beautiful cross-cultural relationship, and the way the energy and characteristics of their individual cultures come together in tender moments like…

  • Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    The Time Tunnel

    The first time we walked into the Time Tunnel Museum at Cameron Highlands, we knew right away that we just had to do a photoshoot here. This undiscovered place is filled with gems of yesteryears. Gone are the days of museum displays in glass cases. Here, you literally feel as if you’ve walked through a time tunnel and gone back in time. Thank God for our photographer, Jennifer of Jspy Photography, and the team, who were game enough to make the trip up to Cameron Highlands with us. Chaiyen: “The surroundings are rather dark, so for the casual look we styled the couple in brighter colours. We brought Coke bottles…