• Photo by Kai Picture. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Destination Pre-Wedding Shoot in Eclectic Tokyo

    It’s pretty normal to feel overwhelmed when your list of wedding things to do gets longer by the day. Why not take some time off with your spouse-to-be, committing only to the moment and the love you share? Rekindle your passion for each other as you explore the charm and flavours of an eclectic city like Tokyo. Like this couple discovered, it will be nothing short of the needed getaway that will also help in the preservation of good memories. Taking to the market, streets and buildings, the lovebirds expressed their love of art and wonder against the fast paced and raw backdrop that Tokyo affords. Destination mood albums are…

  • Photo by GMPS Wedding Film and Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Magical Outdoor Portraits in Japan

    Clear skies and bright sunlight always make photographs appear fresh and inviting. Braving the biting cold of Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko and Tokyo in Japan, this couple was handsomely rewarded with beuatiful landscapes and awesome wedding portraits that they will enjoy forever. Look at the snow-carpeted fields with their tall, bald firs and cherry blossom trees in full bloom! This, along with the shots by the lake with majestic Mount Fuji in the background and those taken in eclectic Tokyo, collectively infuse the album with an unparalleled charm that is unique to Japan.

 Many thanks for these amazing pictures, GMPS Wedding Film & Photography!

  • Photo by Synchronal Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    The Unbeaten Path Around Mount Fuji

    From donning traditional Japanese garb to explore the urban parts of Japan to wearing sweet, romantic outfits for the more rural and nature based aspects of their bridal portraits, we love how these shots captured the bride and groom’s undeniable affection for each other. Even the majestic Mount Fuji couldn’t dwarf the newlyweds’ love for each other, and it was beautiful to see them explore the quiet Japanese forests, Lake Kawaguchiko, and sakura gardens. Many thanks to Synchronal Photography for these photos!

  • MJK Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Tokyo Love Story

    Already a breathtaking destination in itself, Tokyo is the perfect balance of nature and urban lights. Every corner of Tokyo tells an interesting story, even its urban landscape that is full of narrow corridors, traditional colours and street food. Thanks to MJK Photography for capturing the newlyweds and their love for each other up against a backdrop of dreamy fields of flowers, blossoming trees and the undeniable energy of Japan’s Shibuya crossing.

  • 37 Frames Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Tokyo By Night Collection

    The cityscape and magical lights of Tokyo at night are rarely seen in bridal portraits, so huge thanks to 37 Frames Photography for sending this to us. Japan truly is your playground. Dee Green of 37 Frames: “Fei and Lawrence chose to tell their love story through 37 Frames’ iconic Tokyo by Night Collection. It’s the perfect way to explore the city in the summer from day to night. There was a mix of iconic sights, parks and promenades; quiet, reflective moments on the train; and memories of all those hellos and just as many goodbyes in a place that means so much to them. “Tokyo was their halfway meeting…

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    7 Things You Need To Do In Tokyo

    Japan is definitely a place where couples fall in love – if they haven’t already. We’re not sure whether it’s the experience of strolling the streets, surrounded by people speaking in a foreign language, or the extremely good looking, nice folks in a country overflowing with cool, pretty things. We love Japan, and Tokyo should definitely be one of your first stops if you’re heading over there for the first time. Choose the timing of your trip carefully because every season brings about a new adventure in Tokyo. As for us, we love them all. #01 Lunch at the park Buy a bento box from the supermarket, nicely wrapped in…

  • Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    A Great Story In Romantic Kyoto

    A stroll through picturesque Gion Shirakawa in early winter, complete with glimpses of geishas on their way to work, is just priceless. We have to admit that we are in love with 37 Frames Photography’s portfolio, and consider it a pleasure to have had an exclusive interview with them for the magazine. Yohko and Vijay might call America home, but it’s not surprising that they would choose to have their bridal portraits taken in Kyoto, one of Japan’s most beautiful cities. Kyoto is already a city of great treasures, and this couple’s rich cultural heritage – Yohko is Japanese while Vijay is Indian – only enhances the beauty of it…