• Photo by Funkydali. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Conceptual Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Two Parts Of A Whole

    Two people who come together in a marital union often bring their own stories to the relationship, as they balance each other out in personality, interests and choices. Together, they’re a force to be reckoned with! We love this truly creative stop motion video that Funkydali has put together for Halina and Amir, which showcases their personalities against the gorgeous colonial backdrop of Kuala Lumpur and the dreamy landscape off the coast. Complemented by the bride’s impeccable taste, these bridal portraits and engagement video perfectly tell their love story.

  • Photo by Daniel Lei Studio. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Conceptual Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Read And Travel

    While it is fairly common to see travel themed weddings, this is possibly the first time we’ve seen books included in the theme. This romantic, whimsical shoot and all the handmade goodness by Paper N’ Pastels by DLS is sure to inspire. Thanks, Daniel Lei Studio, for sending us such a beautiful set.

  • Photo by Awesome Memories Photography. Styling by Rosette Designs & Co. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Inspirations,  Themes

    Red And Gold Travel Themed Wedding Day

    While we’ve certainly seen quite a few travel themed weddings, we thought this one was pretty creative in the way they named each table after a famous city, and accompanied the sign with an iconic building in that city made out of paper. The gold frames were a nice touch, too. This wedding was styled by the awesome Rosette Designs & Co, and carefully photographed by Awesome Memories Photography.

  • Love Stories,  Rustic

    A Rustic Travel Themed Reception At Janda Baik

    This bride didn’t want fresh flowers at all because she wanted something special and long-lasting, so she DIY-ed her own bridal bouquet and the groom’s corsage. For the rest of the décor, Bliss & Glitz conceptualised a travel theme for the couple since they travel a lot together, combining it with the rustic feel that the bride wanted. Thanks, Memoir Click Studio, for sharing this awesome shoot with us. Sharon: “The most memorable moment for me was when we exchanged our vows in front of all the guests. After 11 years together, through thick and thin, we have finally come to a new chapter of life. My emotions peaked and…

  • Inspirations,  Themes

    LEGO Couple Travels Around The World

    The Big Prawn at Ballina, New South Wales, Australia LEGO Travellers: A “couples project” that’s worth checking out. Craig and Lindsey love to travel so when Craig gave Lindsey two LEGO mini-figures to represent them while in Paris for her 30th birthday, it was the start of a new and fun project. Ever since that very first photo of this LEGO couple at the Eiffel Tower, the mini-figures have travelled around the world with Craig and Lindsey, which by the way is a very clever way of documenting their travels. These photos would make a really great short video, or look amazing as Polaroids in a room filled with helium…

  • Love Stories,  Vintage

    Green Vintage

    This wedding truly is a celebration of friends and loved ones. From the wedding planning by good friend Theodora Soh to the invitations and stationery, from the flowers and décor to the cakes and desserts, everything was put together by friends of the bridal couple. How very blessed they are to have been showered with so much help from family and friends. Besides the beautiful details, we also love the people and the emotions that were captured. You can almost hear the music, the tears and the laughter. And looking at all the photos and watching the video, you realise that is exactly what it was like. Charlene: “Standing outside…