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    Bride Shares DIY Naked Wedding Cake Recipe

    Upon seeing her wedding cake, we immediately reached out to the bride, Maruscka, for the recipe she used. As it turned out, she had found the following recipe and simply added whipped cream for the frosting. Nicely done! WEDDING CAKE RECIPE – Makes one 10-inch Sour Cream Pound Cake Serves 14 Ingredients 2 teaspoons unsalted butter, melted but not hot 6 large eggs 2 cups granulated sugar 1 cup grapeseed or vegetable oil 1 cup sour cream, room temperature 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 3 cups all-purpose flour 3 teaspoons baking powder

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    DIY Wooden Signs

    These signs are really pretty and are suitable for almost any theme. If you want a romantic, rustic look, use script fonts and add flowers and ribbons. For a more carnival feel, use fancy fonts and make it deliberately untidy. What you need to know is exactly where you intend to put them so you can decide how many pieces of wood you need and which direction your signs should be pointing towards. MATERIALS – * Wood * Spoon * Pencil * Thick flat brush * Small brush * Acrylic paint * Nails * Hammer

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    Make Your Own Wedding Car Cans

    It’s been said that the clanging sound of the cans will ward off evil spirits and prevent them from kidnapping the bride. We’re not sure if you can actually drive around like this, but we made one for this Coke-themed wedding because it looks so pretty. Instead of the usual condensed milk or food cans, we used recycled Coke cans. MATERIALS – * Empty food cans or recycled Coke cans * Screwdriver * String

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    Free Cake Topper Printables

    Sometimes the cake just isn’t big enough to hold anything too fancy. There are loads of printables online that you can purchase or even download for free, and customise according to your theme. Simply download the printables and print them on paper that is at least 250gsm. Since we’re talking about food, it would be better to print them using waterproof ink. Then stick each of them onto two wooden skewers or colourful paper straws. Here’s the artwork we used. {Download free cake topper printables} * All Rights Reserved. Files are for personal use ONLY. Feel free to share the link to this blog and NOT the files.

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    Say Goodbye To Boring Ang Pows

    Claire of Fellow Fellow really is a gem. Not only do we love her DIY tutorials and photos, she also generously shares free printables, tips, recipes and great finds. An Australian who currently lives in Singapore, she certainly seems to be having the time of her life. We found a few DIY posts on her site that we think you might be interested in attempting for your wedding. These love-struck place cards are so pretty we’re sure they will totally impress your guests. Say goodbye to conventional ang pows and make these for your tea ceremony instead. Create DIY coasters for your table settings or even use them as wedding…

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    Colouring Mason Jars

    We can’t tell you how thrilled we were when we first saw these sweet candy-coloured mason jars, and even more so when Emily of Blissful Inspirations allowed us to share it. Here’s her step-by-step tutorial. With this, you can transform mason jars into literally any colour you can imagine. Go and be creative! Read the detailed tutorial here. Emily: “This is such a cute way to add colour in a very inexpensive way. It’s also a great project for you to do with the girls. My jars vary a little in colour, but I really enjoy the fact that each jar is different from the next. “Of course you can…

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    Alphabet Bean Bags

    How about decorating the guestbook table or candy buffet with a bunch of colourful pillows with phrases like ‘love’ or the bridal couple’s initials? It is quite a bit of work but the colourful fabrics and patterns will definitely make your wedding stand out. Thanks to Melanie of The Crafty Cupboard for sharing this lovely tutorial. It is actually a brilliant way to teach her little girl to read letters. Read the detailed instructions here.

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    Fabric Confetti

    This fabric confetti tutorial had us brimming with excitement. Imagine pretty paper cones filled with all this colourful fabric confetti. It has the kind of finish that paper can never attain. Now, thanks to this, you know what to do with pretty leftover fabric that you have stored up. All you need on top of that are PVA glue, a hole-puncher, and lots of patience. We will leave the instructions to twirling betty, who has so generously allowed us to share this. Read the detailed tutorial here.