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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine April 2021 – Issue 34

    Fuss-free and light-hearted weddings take centre stage this issue, as we share stories of couples who kept things intimate with a small reception – or ditched their reception in favour of a photography session. When it comes to wedding venues, your imagination is your limit, from the traditional cathedral or ballroom to a boutique hotel or even the Tipi Tent at Night Safari in Singapore. In all our stories, each couple found beautiful ways to make the venue their own with simple additions. As for bridal portraits, the pandemic’s travel restrictions have meant that couples are limited to destinations within their own countries, but do not despair. See how photographers…

  • Photo by Twins Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Artistic and Creative Bridal Portraits in Kuala Lumpur

    Photography is basically playing with light and shadow, lines and framing, and of course, the subject in focus. We love this set of bridal portraits from Twins Photography – every single shot is practically a piece of art. Imagine marking your upcoming union by making art together! Thanks to Twins Photography for this set of photos.

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine October 2020 – Issue 32

    We love how, amid this gloomy pandemic season, couples are brightening up their weddings with exuberant floral arrangements and happy Fall hues. Unlike the usual, highly structured big weddings of before, today’s weddings are all about keeping things small, intimate and joyful. Love is always worth celebrating, even in this season. In the same way, the latest bridal collections might be notable for their simplicity and minimalism, but they definitely aren’t short on glamour, showing up in metallic shades and sexy bodices. Looking at this issue, we are reminded of why we love weddings, and the joy and hope this very special occasion brings to our lives. {If you have…

  • Photo by Twins Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    The One Who Makes the Everyday Extraordinary

    Sometimes we get so caught up in counting down to the wedding day that we forget what’s truly important are the days that follow the exchange of vows. To celebrate life after the wedding, we are doing two special posts of couple doing regular, everyday things, because of course marriage is made up of all these ordinary days. In collaboration with Rev AsiaxEcoWorld, we photographed this couple highlighting their mundane routines of life – such as doing the laundry, grocery shopping or walking in the park – made special by the presence of a cherished spouse. We love these cute portraits captured by Twins Photography!

  • Photo by Twins Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    School Bus Brings Secondary School Lovers to Wedding Ceremony at T6 Sungai

    We really appreciated the grace and strength of character exhibited by this amazing group of people. Looking at these images, one could not have imagined the number of things that went wrong on this couple’s wedding day, but just look at them – everyone is all smiles! Thank you for capturing all that joy and laughter, Twins Photography. Also, check out the couple’s bridal portraits album that was shot in India.

  • Photo by Twins Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Marvel-lous Bridal Portraits For This Superhero and His Missus

    From the city streets of Kuala Lumpur to the flowing waters of Kanching Waterfall, these lovebirds captured their love against two very different, but equally scenic, backdrops. The best part is that their personalities also came through in all forms – both individually and as a couple. It’s obvious that they are deeply in love with each other, while also being each other’s best friend. What a refreshing and lovely set of bridal portraits, thanks to Twins Photography!

  • Photo by Twins Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Vibrant Photoshoot at the Insta-worthy The Linc KL

    Time and again, couples – and their photographers – impress us with their creativity in the way they infuse life and colour into bridal portraits. For this, the idea was to frame the couple’s relationship within the urban and colourful context of Kuala Lumpur. Our gratitude, and kudos, to Twins Photography for these awesome shots! The shoot location, The Linc KL, is a new hybrid shopping mall; hybrid in the sense that it contains both indoor and outdoor spaces. We love it already! With its trendy industrial theme and promotion of arts and crafts by local artists, the venue certainly ensured a number of interesting settings and angles for this…

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    A Blush Pink Rustic Floral Outdoor Wedding at Templer Park

    If you’ve ever worried about the weather for an outdoor wedding, imagine this: an hour before this couple’s ceremony, it started to pour with rain! Thankfully it stopped just in time – yay for happy endings! – and everything went off without a hitch. Even better, the cloudy day set just the right mood for the rustic and dreamy wedding theme, made complete with copious amounts of foliage and floral elements. Many thanks to Twins Photography for capturing the beautiful details.

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    Twins Photography

    Facebook Twins Photography l Malaysia Wedding Photographer / Instagram @twinsphotograph / Email twinsphotographyservice[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +6016 328 7853 / Based in Kuala Lumpur Ronson and Ryan embarked on their photography career while they were both still studying architecture. Photographing weddings allows them to indulge in all the things that they love – documentaries, portraiture, space and still life – and bring it all together to tell a story. They are drawn to the nuances of human emotions, and love how photographs have the power to shape narratives. With their relaxed and unobtrusive style, they are able to capture the uniqueness and unpredictability of people’s interactions. {Get to know your…