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    Modern and Sleek in New York City

    Ah, the city that never sleeps. New York City is unparalleled when it comes to its dynamic streets, iconic architecture and bright lights. That this mermaid-inspired wedding gown by Wedding Crafters was able to stand out in all its glamorous beauty is a wonder indeed. Many thanks to AndroidsinBoots for these beautiful photos!

  • Photo by Redden Wood. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Tips For Taking Your Bridal Portraits in New York City

    Who says love at first sight doesn’t last? Not only did these high school sweethearts survive a 13-year relationship, they chose to celebrate their engagement with a bridal portrait shoot in New York City. The bride-to-be is currently based in Houston, Texas engaged a photographer from Denver, Redden Wood, captured these shots at some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Bethesda Terrace of Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, and of course, the The Top of The Rock overlooking Empire State Building. “My heart did a little dance when we finally decided to have our pre-wedding shoot in New York City,” shared Ella. “It is a beautiful…

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    Stunning Bridal Portraits Taken in Yosemite National Park and Arizona

    Some of Mother Nature’s wonders are so magnificent and mind-blowing you can actually feel your breath being taken away. Check out these stunning bridal portraits that were taken in Yosemite National Park and the awe-inspiring Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, USA – they’re absolutely jaw-dropping! We love that stunning red dress on her and that gorgeous cobalt suit on him. Surely these dramatic and elegant shots by www.bobbykiranco.com will be treasured for a lifetime. Joyce: “Our photographer, Bobby’s brother, had recently returned from Yosemite, and we fell in love with the explosion of colours in various parts of the park. After much research, especially on Pinterest, we discovered…

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    Old World Charm At This Elegant Wedding In Hawaii

    Sometimes there’s really nothing more that needs to be done if you’ve chosen the perfect venue for your wedding. For these newlyweds, it was the Haiku Mill – a once abandoned sugar mill that gently fell into ruin, resulting in the most beautiful décor only Mother Nature and Father Time can produce. Lush vegetation and long vines covered the thick stonewalls, bringing a touch of old world romance to the entire wedding. Surrounded by the gilded vessels, soft natural colours and glamorous chandeliers, this couple and their loved ones certainly made it a wonderful night to remember. Many thanks to Enmuse Photography for this breathtaking set of photos!

  • DIY Wedding Photoshoot, Canada, Lake Louise
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    A DIY Wedding Photoshoot That Took 3 Years, 10 Countries and 50 Cities To Create

    Around the world in 3 years – this couple incorporated their love for travel with their love for each other through 50 cities in 10 different countries over 3 years. Making full use of nature, culture and their sense of adventure, this wonderful DIY set of photos encapsulates the excitement this couple shared (for 3 years!) before finally tying the knot. Kenny: “Most of our photos were taken using a tripod and remote control, while some of it was shot by friends and family who travelled with us. It was quite challenging yet fun, and the process was indeed memorable.” CANADA Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada Lake Louise, Alberta Canada Lake…

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    Rambo Day: The Ultimate, Most Kickass Bachelor Party Ever

    This really brings the bachelor party to a whole new level. A bunch of mates put together a surprise Rambo-themed bachelor party for Dana Saint, who is obsessed with Sylvester Stallone in Rambo. And from the looks of this action packed video, it was a day of guns, explosions, booze and lots of laughter of course. “Throwing over-the-top bachelor parties was never a life goal. It just sort of happened. Dana has always been the centerpiece for every bachelor party, so for him, we knew that everything needed to get kicked up a couple notches,” said Dan Riordan, mastermind and good friend of the groom-to-be. The effort involved in this…

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    A Romantic Floral Arch At Cathedral Park

    Thanks, Peggy Dean, for sending us this set. It was lovely and inspiring, forgive us if we start checking under every bridge for beautiful pillars and arches like these. The stunning flowing gown and flowers by Brenna Burnett Designs are just beautiful. And of course, you would not be able to see all this were it not for Ellie Asher Photography. Peggy: “The theme was soft, passionate and quiet. There’s something magical about utilising the raw, cool tones of the Pacific Northwest. You are met with gorgeous lush greens in every shade. We really wanted to showcase both nature and the gorgeous architecture of Cathedral Park’s St. John’s Bridge. You’ll…

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    Engagement Photos Taken With Self-Timer Function

    Ceri and Daniel found it more comfortable to take their own bridal portraits. We’re sure a lot of couples feel the same way, but not many would have attempted what they did and do it so excellently. The colour coordination and every single frame seem to be very well planned. They should both really consider changing careers. Do check out the video that they put together too – it is such an adorable video. Ceri: “We took our own engagement pictures using a camera and its self-timer function. Taking ‘selfies’ was less stressful and more natural for us compared to posing in front of another person. The other advantage was…

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    Mind-blowing Bridal Portraits At Antelope Canyon, Arizona

    The opening scenes of the movie ‘127 Hours’ left us in awe of Antelope Canyon in Arizona, and made us believe it was something for only the most adventurous. We certainly never thought we’d see an Asian photographer going all the way there for a shoot, and the best part is he’s planning to go again next year. Thanks, Keda, for literally going the extra mile and for sharing these photos with us. They are unbelievable! As he revealed: “This is the most unique natural beauty we have ever experienced… It was quite a challenge to shoot there; we walked through a narrow crevice in the earth, walked down a…

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    Modern Chic Wedding

    Gorgeous is an understatement for this bold black and white wedding. The extra shades of purple and gold are just matches made in heaven. In case you have not heard, all these colours top the list of trends for 2014. We never thought combining them all would look so amazing. What we love about this wedding, besides all the glitter and shimmer, is the couple. Although they reside in Austin, Alisha and Taylor decided to get married in San Antonio, where they both grew up. We welled up with emotion just looking at these photos by Taylor Lord Photography, and we’re sure their guests did the same. Alisha: “Our ceremony…

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    Live Streaming From Vegas

    Everybody loves the idea of getting wed at Vegas, but it is not exactly a simple task or easy on the pocket to bring all your loved ones there. The couple Charlene and Carl flew a few family and friends from Australia. Then they used an iPad and Skype to share the ceremony with family back home that were unable to make the voyage to this desert oasis. They also hired a photographer from Vegas, Ron Dillon Photography. Seriously, the digital world has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for destination weddings. CHARLENE & CARL {US} Photography by Ron Dillon Photography