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    Vera Wang Spring 2018 Bridal Collection

    Bridal designer to the superstars Vera Wang has launched her Spring 2018 bridal collection through a short film. Titled ‘The Bride Wore White’, the film was created by Wang, and made its debut on her website. Crazy innocence, modern seduction and asymmetry rules are the collection notes for this season, which continue the label’s tradition of stunning, classic bridal gowns with a fashion forward twist. View this gorgeous collection at the Vera Wang Bridal Trunk Show 2018 this 6 and 7 October in Central Weddings, Hong Kong!

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    A Breathtaking Wedding In Tuscany, Italy

    The breathtaking landscape of Tuscany was more than what this couple had expected, and they were right to keep their décor minimal. With just family and close friends present, it was a cosy wedding ceremony indeed. The bride chose pale pink to complement to the rustic venue, and the warm tones of taupe, pale pink and lush green were equal parts romantic and glamorous. Many thanks to Gianluca Adovasio Photography for this wonderful set of photos!

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    Old World Charm At This Elegant Wedding In Hawaii

    Sometimes there’s really nothing more that needs to be done if you’ve chosen the perfect venue for your wedding. For these newlyweds, it was the Haiku Mill – a once abandoned sugar mill that gently fell into ruin, resulting in the most beautiful décor only Mother Nature and Father Time can produce. Lush vegetation and long vines covered the thick stonewalls, bringing a touch of old world romance to the entire wedding. Surrounded by the gilded vessels, soft natural colours and glamorous chandeliers, this couple and their loved ones certainly made it a wonderful night to remember. Many thanks to Enmuse Photography for this breathtaking set of photos!

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    Vera Wang Fall 2017 Bridal Collection

    Bridal designer to the superstars Vera Wang is back with her Fall 2017 bridal collection, and it is simply exquisite. Featuring loose, cold-shoulder sleeves that deliver an ethereal, fresh and more delicate feel than previous seasons, there is a new softness to this collection that is conveyed with transparent, fluffy layers of tulle and romantic silhouettes in the form of smocked waists, black crystal belts, cowl necks and macramé lace yokes. Even better, the off-the-shoulder motifs and long sheer sleeves can be removed, adding a layer of versatility to the gowns. Vera Wang Bridal is available in Hong Kong at Vera Wang Bride at Staunton Street, and in Singapore at…

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    A Glittery Rustic Luxe Wedding At Tanarimba Janda Baik

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a wedding is essentially a giant party – that is, if you set the right tone. These newlyweds went for contrast: glamorous yet rustic, classic yet modern, lavish yet intimate. It was a two-day celebration for their friends and family, and everyone clearly had an amazing time. The bride looked stunning in her glittery gold gown, which, together with the lush décor, high ceilings and wooden interiors, gave the wedding a rustic luxe feel. Meanwhile, the crystal elements and fairy lights, as well as the hanging vines and ivy, created a cosy, intimate setting. Many thanks to Louis Loo Photography for this wonderfully detailed…

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    An Earthy, Blush Pink Church Wedding In Singapore

    Eucalyptus leaves, chosen for their scent and deep green colour, were the main decorative point for this wedding, and what a beautiful way to tie the décor together! From the cake and the decorations to the bouquets and the invitations, hues of blush pink contrasted beautifully against the rich green shades. Set against the backdrop of a classic church that was filled with natural light, this wedding was simple yet elegant, nature-focussed yet modern. The couple looked absolutely breathtaking in their attire and every bit in love with each other. Many thanks to Bloc Memoire Photography for this beautiful set of photos!

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    A Blue Rustic Wedding In Sekeping Victoria, Penang

    Ranging from baby blue to cobalt, the many shades of blue were the perfect colour palette for this intimate rustic themed wedding. Touches of blue were found in the bride’s bouquet and baby’s breath decorations, which complemented the wooden decorative elements such as tree trunk wood carvings, long wooden dining tables and twine. The bride looked absolutely resplendent in her gown, flanked by her bridesmaids all in light blue (but each in a dress matching their own style), while the groom was handsome in his deep navy suit and surrounded by his groomsmen all in their own dapper attire. Many thanks to Louis Loo Photography for capturing this sweet set…

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    Vera Wang Spring 2017 Bridal Collection

    Clean-cut and classic but always with a trendy edge, Vera Wang’s wedding dresses are undeniably luxurious and boast an easy elegance that’s all to easy to fall in love with. Old world romance and modern grandeur meet in holy matrimony throughout Vera Wang’s Spring 2017 bridal collection, from lingerie-inspired bodices with full, tiered tulle skirts to ball gowns accentuated with pleated detailing. Rich in texture and embellishments, truly a breathtaking collection.

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    European Dreams

    Europe has no shortage of amazing nature backdrops: from the contrasting hues of the azure blue ocean to the light blue skies of Santorini, from the opulent royal gardens to the mountains of Salzburg. The whitewashed walls and quirky yet whimsical sights of Santorini exude a glamorous yet slightly bohemian feel, while the quaint townhouses of Salzburg set against the majestic mountains paint a picture perfect setting. Many thanks to Sunrise Greece for these beautiful shots of fashion blogger Camille Co, who is looking every bit the romantic princess bride in Greece and Austria.

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    A White On White Beach Wedding At Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

    Keeping things classic and elegant never goes out of style. This intimate beach wedding got it right with a clean colour palette (white and grey) and fairy and tea lights. Also, we adore the bride’s sweet bridal headband! The wedding was one big party, full of laughter and play – something that cannot be created with just décor or the setting. And the sea breeze and sunlight made for some truly beautiful photos that were captured by Munkeat Photography. Christine: “Many of our guests live around the world and it was great to bring everyone together to build new happy memories. We wanted something relaxed and classic that would stand…

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    A Rustic Chic Wedding At Khayangan Estate, Uluwatu

    Keep your destination wedding simple – get a local planner to help you with the groundwork so you can have a fuss-free, enjoyable wedding with your loved ones. It’s no surprise that Khayangan Estate is one of the most popular destination wedding venues in Uluwatu, Bali. Comprising five villas with different themes for guests to choose from, brides are spoilt for choice. Thank you, Maxtu Photography, for sending us this lovely set.