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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine April 2013 – issue 02

    This issue of The Wedding Notebook magazine features some of the best destination weddings, awesome illustration ideas, and much more! Read in-depth interviews with newlyweds and photographers, and pick up a tip or two from them. Don’t forget to also check out www.theweddingnotebook.com, where you’ll find more beautiful weddings and amazing ideas to inspire you for your big day. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    Many Cultures, One Union

    The beauty of traditional design elements combined with a modern touch. In design school, we learned that beauty is meaningless without a concept or reason. Designs with meaning impart something to the people who encounter them. The great thing about Asia is our rich culture. We take it for granted sometimes, but Mary and Jeffrey have breathed new life into it for us. Mary grew up in the Philippines, but did her law degree in the Netherlands. Jeffrey grew up in the US, and lived in France and Senegal while in the Peace Corp before making the move to Indonesia. We are privileged to get to see this lovely couple’s…