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    Because Picking Up The Bride In A Car Is Too Mainstream

    This is not the first time we’ve seen a bridal party fly somewhere to pick up the bride but we still salute any groom who makes such an effort. The bride’s short dress is a smart choice! Also, we love how this photo resembles a wedding aisle with all the cameras. Maybe someone should say ‘I do’ up in the air next. Victor Hew Photography: “Chun Loo’s hometown is Seremban, while Yi Wern’s hometown is Penang. So they decided to pick up the bride from her house in Penang and take a flight to the groom’s house in Seremban for the tea ceremony and dinner reception.” YI WERN & CHUN…

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    Up In The Highlands

    Kathy and Narin opted for beautiful Cameron Highlands instead of flying overseas for destination bridal portraits. That is a wise choice; sometimes we are so captivated by others’ destination bridal portraits that we forget the beauty that exists right in our own backyard. We recall when we first set foot on Cameron Highlands years ago, we compared the tea plantations especially to the scenic views of the Korean serial drama “Summer Scent”. Honestly romantic and breathtaking, with good sunlight and cool weather, this is just the best you can ask for when it comes to an outdoor shoot. Victor Hew Photography: “We headed out for some beautiful outdoor scenery shots…

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    Victor Hew Photography

    Website www.victor-hew.com / Facebook Victor Hew Photography / Instagram @victorhewphotography / Email info[at]victor-hew.com / Contact Number +6016 951 3308 / Based in Penang They are a group of passionate wedding photographers who will go to the ends of the earth to capture your memorable moments. From the whispers, laughter and tears, to the little children walking down the aisle, and more. >