• Photo by Andri Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Inspirations,  Themes

    A Gamer-themed Garden Wedding At Hortpark, Singapore

    Themed nuptials are best pulled off by couples who are completely dedicated to their theme, and this gamer-inspired wedding was no exception. From having the bridal march-in music to Final Fantasy’s main orchestral theme song to exchanging their vows under a banner that said “Achievement Unlocked”, this couple infused every little detail of their big day with gamer-inspired facets. Meanwhile, the natural midday sunlight and garden setting made for some beautiful photos from Andri Tei Photography.

  • Smittenpixels Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Love Stories,  Rustic

    Rustic Lavender Themed Wedding Reception

    This couple wanted something intimate and warm instead of the regular banquet hall reception. The fresh lavender looked lovely in bundles, together with the rustic burlap table lining and Chiavari chairs with lavender cushions to match. Thanks, Smittenpixels Photography – the photos are lovely!