• Illustrations by Joanne Poon. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    An Illustrated Storyboard Wedding Website That’s Just Epic!

    Design students are probably going to feel a little nostalgic when they see this one: a short Save The Date video inspired by 80s movies and a wedding website with storyboard inspired illustrations. The idea is refreshing to say the least, and we trust that their friends were all excited to attend the wedding. (Tip: A great Save The Date idea will generate attention and excitement for your big day.) Jiawern: “Since we’re only going to get married once, we decided, why the heck not? Heavily influenced by the 80s movies that we grew up with, with a healthy injection of the retrowave scene, this video was born out of…

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    Parallax Effect Wedding Website

    Wedding websites aren’t a big thing in Asia yet, but maybe they should be. Scrap the wedding invitations, save the trees, and do something awesome like this instead. Hopefully, your guests will read it and RSVP immediately. Jessica Hische is a highly sought after letterer and illustrator whose work has graced magazines and book covers, while Russell Maschmeyer is a designer at Facebook. Their wedding website is a wedding invitation that also doubles as a timeline of their journey together, from the day they first met right up to their big day. This parallax effect, which was created using CSS3 and HTML5, is the perfect storytelling format, as clicking from…