• Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    An Intimate Autumn Reception At Tamarind Hill Singapore

    Lydia and Chad-son’s wedding reception is a great example of how the right venue can help couples to cut down on the cost of wedding décor. Tamarind Hill Singapore turned out to be the perfect choice for their romantic autumn theme, with the elegant black and white colonial setting and lush greenery fitting the look to a T. Another plus point of the venue? It was a great spot for some pretty portraits before the reception started, and it also allowed the newlyweds to have a warm and intimate reception where they got to spend quality time with the people they care about. Many thanks to Bloc Memoire Photography for…

  • Photo by Bottega53. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Modern Eclectic Rooftop Wedding Styled Shoot At National Gallery Singapore

    In Singapore, where it might be difficult to find wide-open spaces for outdoor weddings, why not opt for a rooftop celebration instead? This styled shoot kept things romantic, mysterious and modern, with a monochromatic colour palette paired with metallic accents – all while also capturing the beauty of Marina Bay Sands. The gold and brass pieces looked great alongside the edgy neon elements, and while the décor was detailed, it wasn’t overwhelming. Well done, MerryLove Weddings and Wedrock Weddings! And many thanks to Bottega53 for capturing these photos.

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    Dreamy Love Storybook

    We love this storybook! It is true that every couple has a story and it doesn’t just end with “and they lived happily ever after”. Rather, there’s a prequel that comes before and a new chapter that they will begin. Life will have its share of ups and downs but this is the road that they have vowed to journey on together. Pearlyn: “We absolutely love bunnies, so the first step was to create our logo, and everything else fit right in. We wanted our wedding to be soft, dreamy and romantic, and yet not too fussy. For our photoshoot, Super Panda Presents and Jessica from Wedrock Weddings did a…