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    A Casual Day Out For Bridal Portraits In Kyoto, Japan

    Oh, the joy of discovering a new place with your spouse-to-be! We love seeing this couple’s bridal portraits, where they enjoyed the simple pleasure of each other’s company as they explored the streets of Kyoto, Japan. Thanks for these brilliant shots captured on film, white/白! The light and casual matching outfits must have made packing for this trip so much easier. The focus was very much on creating memories and having a blast together, with the help of their photographer of course. The album opens with the couple looking fresh and sunny in yellow as they wander through a quaint little suburb. The adventure continued with simple wardrobe changes throughout…

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    Refreshing Bridal Portraits in Bario, Sarawak

    Take your pick from the many lesser-known places in Malaysia for your bridal portraits. Our country is replete with awesome locations for shoots, if only we looked a little more carefully. That’s how this couple found the location for their photoshoot – Bario, situated in the Kelabit Highlands in Miri, Sarawak, is a true gem. Kudos to white/白 for these memorable shots! Describing the mountainous region as a land that is rich in mountain salt, and covered in paddy fields and pineapple plantations, the bride shared: “This is such a special place in Malaysia. We flew in via MAS Wings. It was such a chilled out place, without mobile network…

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    Couple Wears Big Afro Wigs for Their Bridal Portraits Taken at Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur

    We laughed out loud when we saw this couple’s bridal portraits album that was shot at Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. Their matching ’fro wigs are so telling of their big and bold personalities. No apologies here; we just love their courage! Thanks for these great images, white/白. He’s in a hooded jumpsuit while she’s in a Japanese ‘anime-esque’ miniskirt. They both sport matching Converse shoes, and their poses are uncanny. Posing against graffiti, putting their arms around strangers – there is no end to their quirky humour, and believe us, we can tell when a couple is having a blast during their photoshoot. We know these two will bring their…

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    Website www.mywhiteimage.com / Facebook White / 白 / Email whiteimage.info[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +6016 943 9311 / Based in Kuala Lumpur In seeking to get rid of the conventional “street photo style” approach to bridal portraits, white/白 is pushing the boundaries of traditional wedding photos. The underlying concept for their work is simply this: you don’t have to wear a wedding dress to take a wedding photo. By recording and capturing the elements that make up your everyday life, you will get unexpected memories that will last a lifetime. >