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    This Guy Proposed With A Song Specially Written For Her

    Every once in a while we hear songs that touch our heart, and this is one of them. Its lyrics and tune might be simple, but as they say, every word hides a story and every song has a soul. This is a recollection video of the proposal song about the couple’s love story, specially written by Matthew for Canny. Matt has always been good at expressing his love in words, as you can see from the many love letters he has written to Canny. The beginning of the song is about how they got to know each other at a friend’s wedding during the gatecrashing ceremony. He also recalls…

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    Woody Storytelling

    Website www.woodywoo.com / Facebook WOODY STORYTELLING / Instagram @woody.storytelling / Email woody[at]woodywoo.com / Contact Number +852 5365 5837 / Based in Hong Kong Woody is a cinematographer, storyteller, husband, father and cat-lover who is based in Hong Kong. His philosophy in filmmaking is simple: “I capture the people, moments and details of a wedding and transform them into a motion picture that is pleasing to the eye. Through my storytelling, I aspire to create touching, heartwarming films.” [instagram-feed id=”3278941″ num=9 cols=3 showheader=false showfollow=false showbutton=’false’] >